━━━[Welcome to Chromatic League! ]━━━

A discord server dedicated to Pokemon Showdown, recreating a Pokémon league from the games run by pokemon fans like yourself.


Our Server Has:

• A Private Showdown Server coded to spice up the boring league experience http://chromatic.psim.us/

• Terrain-like Fields for every Pokemon type

• Crests inspired by Pokemon Rejuvenation to make your favorite Pokémon that were not competitively viable a chance to shine

• Gyms

• Badges

• E4

• Draft league

• Constant tournaments

• An ongoing 3-way team tournament

• Mewbot, PMDiscord, myuu bot


We have been building a community for near 2 years now so long that we have even gone from being Siva's Pokémon league to now Chromatic league, but history just means we have had more time to hone our server to be a fun place for you to enjoy!

I look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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