Welcome to Baldis Basic's In Education And Leaning [UNOFFICIAL] Discord Server!

Warning: This is not an official server, all credits goes to Mystman12 for original game creator.

This server, is not what it seems. It's not advices, or community fan group.

This is the remaked version, of Baldis Basic's Plus Edition!

What do I mean for, remake? The entire gameplay in a discord server, what to expect? 4 GameModes, Classical Gameplay, Story Mode, Challenges, And field trip.

The community part is small, as you see only 4 Channels in announcements, and 2 on general talk, but it's not what it seems.

Since it's remake, it's fully playable! It uses more than 400+ commands, about 250 roles, and more than 200+ channels all the game itself.


  • Same gameplay as baldis basics classic edition.
  • Featuring the new baldi Super Schoolhouse!
  • Featuring, all characters in the game!
  • Featuring, math problems.
  • Featuring Field Trip Mode.
  • Featuring Challenges mode! Try pass any crazy baldi challenge!
  • Totally Functional Items.
  • The same gameplay as Baldis Basic's Plus!

Warning again: remember we not an official server, it's a remake fanmade by me, but the difference, into a discord servers, all credits and rights goes to their respective creators:

  • Mystman12

  • Basically Games!®

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