???❣️????????Welcome to Nutshell Paradise, the only server that really doesn't have a goal...well one, and that's to become one of the many popular servers on discord. Other than that we don't have any. We are totally random and nonchalant, and we'll welcome anyone at anytime, wether male female, LGBT or even if you're just a good damn Helicopter. We host nitro giveaways and lots of events. The one place were your opinion really matters. And to top it off, MEMEs, yup, this community is built on memes. Anyways, join us, and see what it's like. @here @everyone ???❣️??????

https://discord.gg/7DUQb7A5HF https://tenor.com/view/senko-anime-cute-eyes-closed-blush-gif-17243705

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