✦~ Wanna make friends and maybe even more than that? ~✦

❥ Welcome to Club Masquerade! A nightclub-masquerade themed community server. We're looking forward to hang out with new people!

╭───────────────── ♡

╰──➤ ꧁✿ Main Features ✿꧂

┊ ·.·★ Over 100+ people to interact with

┊ ·.·★ All ages (13+)

┊ ·.·★ Self-roles and Color Roles to describe your wonderful personality

┊ ·.·★ Non-toxic server

┊ ·.·★ Multiple channels to suit your interests! Come meet creators of all kinds!

┊ ·.·★ Friendly staff and members

꧁Our Specialties~꧂

? Lots of events such as Star (member) of the Month, game nights, and more!

? Our own virtual bar for you to order delicious food for free! Yum!

? Our virtual store to buy cool roles and perks with coins earned from chatting

? Partnerships open!

? Server Booster and Invite Perks

♡ Join the club today!

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