Here at Gaymers our goal is to create a fun, exciting and relatively safe environment for all those who enjoy gaming, anime, femboys and anyone who falls under any part of the beautiful rainbow LGBT+ flag. Our server offers many different channels and features to keep you engaged and our bots help maintain and add cool things for all to enjoy. We also plan to start offering giveaways, which will include nitro, as our members increase!

Our server is almost completely filled with Emotes and Stickers and so we host a multitude of storage servers which are all filled with Emotes and Stickers as well to give you access to hundreds of emotes and stickers! You can find out more on this in the server!

We stick by a Zero Tolerance Rule for any form of Cyber-Bullying, Racism or Hate Speech and will ban on sight rather than warn if deemed necessary. While our bots will help filter out these types of users it's not infallible so we encourage users to always contact staff whenever needed.

We are always open to taking any and all suggestions in our suggestions channel and welcome all forms of feedback regarding the server as a whole. If we can improve or make the server more engaging or fun for you please do let us know!

Enjoy the server and we look forward to talking to you!


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