Hey there! We're a smash themed server with nearly a thousand active members and within those members are some pretty kickass people too.

Check out our website here!

We do lots of things in TSP too, it's not just Smash! We have Animal Crossing, a music channel, an art channel, memes, and more! Maybe Mario Kart is more your style though, Halo perhaps? Well we've got it all and we'd love to meet you!

What else do we offer?

  • High stakes weekly Smash Ultimate tournaments
  • A friendly and active community
  • A proprietary point system
  • The dumbest memes you've ever seen
  • A constantly growing and improving server
  • Creative custom emojis
  • An art channel
  • Fun stupid staff members (we're hiring)
  • Self assignable roles dependent on your Smash Ultimate main.
  • Other role flaring depending on what you're in to
  • Much more

See ya there!

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