We're a small, friendly LGBT clan for Warframe looking for new members! If you would like a small group of like-minded people to talk about and share things, join us!

We are a quite casual server but are strict on no homophobia, transphobia, racism or sexism.

We would like to be an active clan with a supportive and above all friendly community of players for Warframe!

  • All research done
  • Decorated dojo
  • Dry Dock & Crimson Branch built
  • No MR requirement, new player friendly
  • Donating isn't required but is appreciated
  • We help with any content, builds, fashion frame
  • Channels for other games, art, irl, pets and suggestions
  • Self role system

If you're looking for a small, tightly-knit community, this is the server for you! New and veteran players, anyone who'd like to try to get into Warframe are welcome to join~!

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