Babylon is a Kingdom built by King Gilgamesh, although it is not truly Babylon itself, it is where the people of Babylon live. Gilgamesh, known as β€œThe King of Heroes” is the strongest of all kings and heroes of legend. While there is Babylon there is also the Demon Kingdom ruled by Demon Lord Diabell, the Spirit Realm ruled by Valdrin, the Light Realm ruled by Obayana, Tokelis ruled by Dohfahn, and the Undead Realm ruled by Lathe Bayard. These six kingdoms are always wanting to be the better over the other five and see who can become the strongest whether that is through alliances or taking on mercenaries. In these kingdoms there is every sort of race or supernatural being you made think of! It is a place full of amazement and wonder and no lands can take it down. Here you can express whatever sort of crazy oc you want to be, you can be a villain or a hero, noble or peasant, whatever you want! However this is a place of turmoil and waring kingdoms, the strong will most likely triumph over the weak.

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