∎ An 18+ Legend of Zelda Roleplay Server ∎

Set ten years after Hyrule Warriors, time itself has weakened and broken due to the war across the ages pulling in heroes and villains from different eras and timelines and even entire regions themselves throwing Hyrule into administrative chaos while Ganondorf breaks his seal in what seems like record time. In these times of chaos, Hyrule needs Heroes more than ever, while Villains see a kingdom ripe for the taking.

This is an adult roleplay community. Minors will be removed and banned.

★ Original Characters and AU variations of canon characters are allowed.

★ Semi-Lit to Literate writers! Novella welcome!

★ Character focused and story driven!

★ Basic Zelda knowledge required; we'll help you along the way!

★ ERP is allowed, but not the sole focus!

★ play from any timeline!

∎∎ Come join us, and explore a time lost Hyrule! ∎∎

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