Shadow's Community

Hey you! Yes you! Want to join a group where there's people you can make friends with, socialize others, etc? Well this is definitely a perfect place for not only socializing but we accept anyone like gamers, socializers, etc. Join us today and you won't be disappointed (If you are we're sorry and would like to hear what u have to say in a nice way about what we need to improve) ============================= The following things we have listed: -Representable Self-Roles ✅ -Friendly Staffs ✅ -YT, Twitch, and Twitter ✅ -Gaming ✅ -Giveaways ✅ -Memes ✅ -Bots ✅ -Partnership ✅

Things we don't tolerate/accept in our server: -Trolling ❎ -Raiding ❎ -Racism ❎ -Dark jokes ❎ -Toxicity ❎ ============================= Banner: (Coming very soon)

Server link:

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