Welcome to the revival of the "Godzilla: Ragnarok" server, we have a new story, new rules, but some familiar faces if you've been here before!

Here's a snippet of some of the story so far!

Chapter 1: Human and Kaiju, hand and hand For thousands of years, humanity had coexisted with kaiju, each kaiju representing a force of nature and awakening when the time was right in the world. They were agents of change and kept the planet in balance. Since each monster represented an agent of change it wasn't uncommon for conflicts to occur between these monsters, and the consequences of their fighting had disastrous consequences on humanity as the ideals of these animals clashed. Some sought the destruction of humanity, seeing it akin to a disease and others saw it as a part of the balance.

The ancient moth species was known for its love and compassion for humanity, even in its darkest of times. The moths defended and nested near cities to ensure the protection of the people within. The moths awoke as the beginning of humanity's existence and had always watched over them and protected them as it was their duty. Time went on and the conflict between humans and kaiju continued as humans introduced pollutants into the environment, destroying ecosystems with reckless abandon, though they did not seem to know that the health of their guardians and protectors depended on the health of the land....

Soon the most polluted areas lost their guardians and became subject to attacks that would massacre. Governments in these areas saw this and initiated protocol Ragnarok, which was a fail-safe designed for humanity if the moths failed. Cities turned into forts with massive towering canons and mecha protectors that would fight for humanity in the absence of the moths, but as the humans terraformed and destroyed the land and stripped it of its resources to combat the growing kaiju threat something awoke deep underneath the sea and with a surge of unnatural radiation the water boiled as a new creature awoke and its sole purpose was to destroy humanity and return the planet to its former glory when kaiju were the sole inhabitants.

And that's just chapter 1, when you join the server and pick or create a kaiju, you'll have the ability to do notable things to add to the story and to continue to build onto it.

Starting at 15 active members we will hold our first server event, so stay tuned!

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