We are mostly a literate server, but we won't turn anyone away if they really want to join. Just be aware that longer posts and rp scenes are much better rewarded.

A few years ago, Discord had no real Tokyo Ghoul roleplay servers, the ones that were there never really gave me the experience I wanted. So, a mission was made, to create an, at the very least, unique Tokyo Ghoul roleplay experience. The spawn of that was the first Tokyo Ghoul: Wraith server. So, years later, after much time has past and that server format has been through the ringer countless times (thanks those of you who took the format without asking years ago c.c), Tokyo Ghoul: Wraith has returned.

We strive to once again give the best Stat-based Tokyo Ghoul experience possible.

We offer many things new & old, make sure to leave suggestions within the server, we have many updates planned and a story developing, though slowly while we gain members.

To show a few things we offer

โœฆ A custom Story for the server to follow โœฆ The opportunity to create squads, organizations, and collaborate to make a great experience for everyone โœฆ Multiple CCG Divisions to give you different experiences and possibilities within the rp โœฆ Custom-made stat system for a great sense of progression. โœฆ Bi-Monthly updates, responsive staff, and rewards for server boosters! โœฆ Lots of channels for your enjoyment! โœฆ And for the sake of saving space you'll have to see the rest for yourself!

We've just released a new update - the Arena with a member purge (something we don't do very often).

We hope you enjoy the server, thank you for considering it!

  • Tokyo Ghoul: Wraith was reopened 6/19/20

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