Heya! We started as a small community of friends and started expanding as we got more people to play with us throughout our ventures in different games. Eventually, we decided to actually put ourselves out there and try building a server for variety gaming while prioritizing the social aspect and keeping everything civil.

While we are friends and make plenty of jabs at each other we do prioritize keeping the server free of any actual toxicity or slurs, as most of our members joined to get away from that kind of stuff.

We are currently hoping to get more people who are invested in World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and League of Legends but we have plenty of people interested in other games as well such as Minecraft, Valheim, and GTA to name a few. (I, personally, would love to see more WoW classic players and some of the other members want to get some among us games going) We have talked multiple times about getting social events in as well such as Jackbox night, scribbl.io, or Cards Against Humanity, so more interest would absolutely get us pushed in the direction of setting those up.

We currently have a couple people who stream so we're definitely welcoming to more streamers!

If you have any question please feel free to reach out to me on discord @ Stiver32#8620

Server link: https://discord.gg/GGCSy8ErBN

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