Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! The Camp for Greek demigods!

Camp Half-Blood, is a roleplay server focused on putting you, the roleplayer, Into the Greek camp of demigods created by Rick Riordan and giving a new meaning to what it means to be a demigod... After all, contrary to what you hear, it isn't all fun and games!

Make a Demigod, Satyr or Nymph OC and Roleplay your way through Camp Half-Blood!

What to expect from us:

Chill Community | We're always open to new members and have a welcoming and open-minded community

Active Staff | we have an active Staff, of Moderators and willing to help with anything and everything!

25 Gods and Goddesses | With 22 different Gods and Goddesses to choose from as your OC's godly Parent there's no end to the unique possibilities for OCs!

Gripping Plot | With a unique server Plot moving the server, the RP possibilities and endless!

IRP Events | With IRP events like War games and Quests, the fun never ends!

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