Welcome to Gamers Re-United!! this is a server about mainly chatting, but as you can see, you can help do more than chatting! This server will include:

:speech_balloon: Chatting ( of course ), meet new people, chat with them, and be friends with them! We love receiving new guests and and chatting with them, please share your experiences with us!

:robot: Bots! we have a numerous amount of bots! you can have the liberty of using them, and we also have music bots, very common bots ( such as Dankmemer, MEE6, Bongo, ect. )

:art: Art Sharing!!! You have talent? Feel free to share your art!!! We appreciate all kinds of arts, it doesn't matter if you don't like it for your self, because we surely will....

:sunglasses: Emojis! this is perfect for those with nitro! we have a good amount of emojis that you can share with your server, or just simply in ours!

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Just drop right in, and we will have you with our arms open! And we will assure you, that you won't be disappointed, just read our rules and you will be cool! Hope you enjoy!

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