Welcome to my Server! This server serves as a hub for my community and Twitch stream viewers. We love to talk about anything possible, ranging from anime, to gaming, to baking cookies, to interstellar space discovery and much more! We are so happy to meet and welcome you here!

ROLES In this server, you will gain XP by chatting. Use the command s!rank in #bots anytime to view your rank. You unlock #media image permissions at level 2 and gain access to #suggestions at level 5!

Vanity Roles @Regular — If we notice that you are active and have good behavior, we may grant you this role! @Legend — Win an event to receive this golden role! It will stay until a future event takes place. Vanity roles get Media Permissions in #general and are hoisted on the member list! Note: You can lose these roles if you misbehave!

Supporter Roles @Nitro Booster — Members that boosted this server. @Twitch Sub — Subscribers to my channel on Twitch. Supporter Roles have the same permissions as vanity roles, but additionally support this server and community. We greatly appreciate your support!

Moderator Roles @haru — This is me, hello! @Sentinel — Server administrators, responsible for managing the staff team and up-keeping the server. @Guardian — Server moderators, responsible for enforcing rules and promoting a healthy environment. @Guardian Trainee — Aspiring server moderators, undergoing training to become fully-fledged moderators.

Color Roles Everyone can choose a color that will display on their profile! View the available colors below. @Sea Serpent@Aquamarine@Crayola@Flavescent@Metallic Pink@Pastel Violet

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