We are Lewd Roleplay 18+ Server focused on RP/ERP and hentai!

❥ Friendly community for roleplayers and lewd lovers

❥ Variety of RP / ERP public rooms

❥ RP-requests channels to look for new RP partners

❥ Little/Caregiver section

❥ Wide variety of self roles (Kinks, RP related and more~)

❥ IRL lewdies for the verified

❥ Unique cute and nsfw emotes

❥ Boost Perks (we are lvl3 server)

❥ Fun interactive SFW / NSFW Bots

❥ Hentai categories

❥ Aesthetic layout

If you're looking for your rp/erp hangout and are a lewdie this is the place for you!

Invite : discord.gg/lewdlounge

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