Strange tales have been passed down from the time of the earliest settlers to the region. Native American tribes named the area "the place where shadows walk," and seldom ventured near the surrounding forests. It is also believed that the area was originally settled by citizens of Salem who fled the town during the infamous witch trials in 1692, and that the place became a haven for practitioners of black magic, urges on by the trapped demons in the house.

The mansion was built by Edmund Darklore for his lovely young bride Delarosa. Construction of the three-story, forty-room Victorian manor began in 1889 and was completed three years later. During the course of its construction, two stone masons were crushed to death beneath a wall of bricks when a hoist rigging mysteriously snapped in two.

The Darklore Curse In a 1967 article appearing in Haunted Havens Magazine entitled "The Curse of Darklore Manor," the mansion is reported to be the site of more than a dozen mysterious deaths. According to the article, these fatalities are believed to be connected to the occult rituals practiced by the Brotherhood of Thule. A letter written by Damon Darklore that was said to have been recovered from his study claims that his ancestors fell victim to a curse brought on by their own macabre delvings into the realm of black magic.

According to popular accounts of the legend, the Darklores conducted arcane ceremonies involving black magic and sacrificial rites within a secret chamber deep below the manor. Whether intentionally or by accident, they awakened an ancient evil that caused the plague of deaths surrounding the mansion throughout the years. The legend goes on to state that whatever was conjured forth not only claimed several human lives but also stole the souls of those who died within the manor, leaving them cursed to haunt the mansion and grounds for eternity.

Many believe that something unnatural still dwells there, lying in wait for unwary visitors, hungering for the blood of the living and the souls of the dead.

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