Arioxa Cloud Hosting

?What is this?

  • A hosting service to enhance your experience with deploying game servers or virtual private servers at very special prices!
  • We currently provide Germany ?? and Spain ?? locations with the ability to create game servers, discord bots, VPS, websites and more!

?Why Arioxa?

  • Arioxa is all about giving you control. When you're with us, you're not just a player or a project manager – you're the one in charge of your online world. We provide high-performance services and flexibility, as we provide machines in CPUs of RYZEN 9 5900X @ 3.7GHz and INTEL I9 9900K @ 5.00GHz with affordable prices!

?What kind of support do I receive?

  • You receive 24/7 of customer support as you can either open a ticket to contact us or use our Artificial Intelligence bot integrated with our control panel.

?But what about security?

  • We provide a strong DDoS protection as this is one of the highest priorities, we focus on stability, performance and ease with user-interface as we want the client to have full peace of mind managing projects on our Hosting service.

?What do i need to learn more?

  • You can join and figure out the amazing abilities and plans and manage your servers now by visiting: and join our discord server now ?

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