CoffeeHouse is a place where you can chill, talk to people and even spill a bit of tea. We promote good will and good vibes, no drama/toxicity allowed here. Suited for users who just wanna chill out and talk to friendly people, that doesn't want to attract too much attention.

CoffeeHouse is a server where you can almost have it all! Chill chats, Jazzy/Lo-Fi Music, Games and Bot Channels.

Made public on : 10 May 2020


☕ Over 100+ emotes ☕ 42 color roles ☕ Server events people can participate in ☕ Active Chats and VC ☕ Open to Partnerships ☕ An International Chat for non-english speakers ☕ Open Vent Chat ☕ Creative rooms (Art, Photography, Memes & etc.) ☕ Anime chatroom, memes & manga/webtoon/manhwa updates ☕ K-pop chatroom & memes ☕ Gaming Channels ☕ RP Channel; and ☕ Bot Channels (Dank Memer, Pokecord, Mudae & etc.)


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