In the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, six decades ago, an ancient race known as the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind bestowed FTL technology to the Stellar Consortium, Parallax, and independent worlds of The Fringe.

On the outskirts of independent space, not far from the infamous Parallax "Line of Pain" - the wrecked hulls of thousands of ships destroyed by the Nall, sits a trade outpost called Meriwether Station. It orbits a promising terrestrial world called New Amundsen.

Arjun Bright, a tech mogul who built Meriwether after discovering New Amundsen, disappeared along with a multinational expedition that ventured into jungles of the southern hemisphere.

Now, his son Griffin is assuming command of the station and assembling a team to find and, if possible, rescue the lost expedition.

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