✩. ・ * :。 ≻───── ⋆ ♡ ⋆ ─────. • * :。 ✩ ╒═══════✰ ° Bison Hangout ° ✰═══════╛

❝We would like to introduce you to Bison Hangout!! Our server is full of welcoming and friendly people ^-^ And we would like you to come join and hangout with us! so what do you say?❞

Bison hangout offers you:

↬Active members ↬Fun roles ↬Partnerships ↬One word story

And more!!!

❝What are you waiting for? come join with us! until then we will be waiting for you!! have a wonderful day❞ Server owner for any problems or questions: TheRandomNekoLoli#7285 Banner https://tenor.com/view/lol-bull-car-bison-gif-7875719 invite link https://discord.gg/AWXgUwg

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