Ashes of Eden: Survival is an upcoming PC game coming to Early Access in early 2021. The game is loosely based on the concept of the 2015-2017 version of H1Z1 Just Survive. The game will feature looting, base building, raiding, PvP, seasonal side quests, hidden side quests and more!

Base Building will be prefab pieces (foundations, shelters, large shelters, walls, gates, etc) and will be crafted from looted and crafted items found throughout the map. Bases will be secured with access codes (entered while entering the base the first time and saved after that if correct code is entered or until code is changed). Some planned base pieces include: Foundation, single shelter, double shelter, lower and upper walls, gates, door frame, stairs, ramp, foundation expansion.

Base raiding will be based on explosives such as ethanol, improvised explosives and gasoline. All items will be craftable from items looted throughout the map or grown yourself!

PvP will be balanced as much as possible. There will not be any tiered weapons, so all weapons looted will be equal across the map. Some special items that can be crafted from pieces obtained via quests or special zombies may be added in the future.

Seasonal side quests will be added in after the game reaches Early Access. Most holidays will be covered, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and even Valentine's Day! All will contain chances to get unique skins exclusive to the event upon killing the creature or completing the seasonal quest!

Hidden side quests are also planned to break the same monotony of the same building over and over. Each quest that is planned is going to be extremely hard to make completing them even more satisfying and make the rewards worth the struggle!

This game is a self funded indie project. We have no investors and we are currently a two person development team. We are always looking for suggestions, alpha testers and great people like you to come join us and hang out with us on this development journey! Join now and say hi!

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