?~Hewwo! Now loading ᑕHƐᖇᖇƳ ƬƖᗰƐ!!~?
We are a semi-SFW and a non-toxic server amd we talk about various things for example like stuff that range from non-living to living things or general, pets, anime, art and music etc !! ⊙ω⊙ not to mention, here we have very friendly members/staff so it good for people who want to make friends >°< we would be happy if you would joined our kawaii server.

?This server also includes many cool features like?
? We have our own minecraft server Java, bedrock coming soon 
?friendy and users/staff
?awesome kawaii bots
?Ofc Anime and manga chat
?A Kawaii i custom bots which is right available publicly in over 150+ servers
?We have Shoob the anime bot
?We accept Partnership
?The theme of are server is based on nature
?Not to mention the vibe in here is pretty chill !!

We want to make this server active as possible hope you can join and stay with us so we can get more members !! ◑ω◐

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