☁ If you're looking for a cool place to chill and meet new people, this is the right server! Join and meet new people here at Shooketh!

Must be 18+ to join!

☁ We got cool people, cute egirls & eboys, NSFW channels, and more!

What we have to offer:


⍟║Friendly staff members.

⍟║Cool bot commands for everyone to use.

⍟║Locked NSFW channels for verified 18+

⍟║Fast growing comunity.

⍟║Verified selfies channels.

⍟║egirls & eboys for everyone uwu.

⍟║Nitro giveaways!

⍟║Streaming vcs for movie nights, gaming, and more!

⍟║Post images & links anywhere! (For Nitro Boosters Only).

⍟║Color roles! (For Nitro Boosters Only). 

♡.・。.・゜✫・.・✭・゜・。. ✫ 。.・゜✭・♡ ⋗║Join & meet new people here at Shooketh!


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