╔═══════════════════════════════════════╗ ~<>-{ ??? ?????????'? ?????? }-<>~

???????????: A Gentlemen's Lounge to hang out with your friends! Looking for new people to meet? Join the Gentlemen's Lounge and find somebody to talk with you! Come stop by, enjoy the finer things get a few drinks-talk about passion fashion and other fanciful desires. There is a gambling section of the server-with fun games. We even have a NSFW part of the server ;) At the Gentleman's Lounge we build a community with common courtesy and sincere respect, so expect a warm welcome when you join.

??????: ~ Movie night is hosted every Friday (5 p.m. PST) members vote on various suggested movies for the week. ~(NEW!) Fashion week, where users can post their own outfit ensembles at a chance to win the weekly title "Best Dressed."

????: ~Gambling Bots ~Bartender Bot ~Arcade Bots ~Rythm ~Otave ~BoobBot ~Virtual Diner

ℂ???????? ??????? ??: ~Custom Butler Bot for the server. ~Fashion Week


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