This server is made to help find streamers and help them grow based on the type of game they stream. This way it is easy for viewers or other streamers to find you. We also have free emotes logos overlays and much more for people that are in the server. This server wants to help you grow as a streamer. We will give you feed back if you would like and help if u have any questions of streaming or any questions in general. The goal of this server is to help others grow and be found we all know how hard it is to find u as a streamer when u are smaller we hope that this server helps people find YOU!

The main bonus of this server is most discords have ONE just ONE place for people to post there live we have a bunch one for shooters irl art variety and so much more! and if we have missed any category let us know and we will add more! If anything join for just a little bit and look around we will not be offend if u leave the same day the same week or whenever! I hope to see you in the server have an AMAZING DAY EVEYONE!

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