Welcome to Durmstrang! ? Loosely based on the school found within J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe, the setting of this roleplay server draws from 4 widely accepted houses (Atticus, Terpsichora, Liberalis, and Concinne). It is set in and around the schoolgrounds of a present-day Northern England. Here you can create your own character using PluralKit, an easy-to-use bot that lets you alter the appearance of your discord account messages without actually changing them! This allows for multiple characters to be made without surrendering your actual name and icon!

Time-frame: ⌛ The time-frame of Durmstrang is present-day. This creates a fresh slate for our roleplayers to form characters and avoids the confusion of what is canon and what is non-canon.

? Setting: ? J.K. Rowling states that the school is loosely located somewhere in Northern England. For the sake of roleplay and visualization this has been narrowed this down to the non-canon mountainous area of Jostedalsbreen, Norway home to a large glacier and a beautiful mountain-range, as well as many fjords and inlets to the ocean that make their boat-travel (as seen in the Goblet of Fire) more feasible

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