Welcome To The Discord

I'm expanding my community to help each other reach there goals by supporting one and other in twitch streams.

Come along and join in and chat join streams. And have fun.

  1. No NSFW, Porn, Graphic Content.

  2. Keep Harassment & Toxicity to a minimum.

  3. Doxxing, DDoS or threats of either or are not tolerated.

  4. Causing Drama to overflow into the discord is not permitted.

  5. Do not ask for roles.

  6. Keep Racism & Hate Speech to a minimum.

  7. Do not flame, argue with, impersonate, spam the Admins & Mods.

  8. Keep ALL CAPS to a minimum and do not spam.

  9. Head on over to #video_gamegame-roles and #linkplatforms to pick your games and platform you stream and upload on.

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