West's Haven is a budding Furry community, with people of all types and characters. Anyone is welcome, and no matter what you're interested in we have a place for you!

Interested in Gaming? Awesome! West's Haven maintains a professionally hosted Minecraft server, with more servers and game-based events on the way.

Interested in Art? Awesome! West's Haven has a robust Creators Section where you can view other creators' work, as well as post your own. We also have a dedicated commissions space, so if you're looking to start or expand your work, we're happy to help.

Interested in Roleplay? Awesome! West's Haven has a multitude of roleplay channels, as well as a requests section where you can find new friends to share an adventure with.

Our active and engaged staff team work hard to maintain a great environment. We make sure West's Haven is a safe place for anyone in our care, and we'd be delighted if you'd consider joining the community. Who knows, you might find family :)

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