DDLC Respawn is a small DDLC roleplay server with the twist of a "Respawn" feature.

Here's an little from the lore.. "This is a modded copy of DDLC. It is modded such that when a character gets deleted, they will respawn the morning of the next day, with all of their memories fully intact but their .chr file will be reset to default. Extra characters (Whatever you people play as and other OCs) are also introduced by this system. However, due to the amount of CHR files added, the system can overload. This is an in-universe explanation for people leaving or AFKing or otherwise having to go in an RP. The game gets overloaded, and so, it disables some CHR files. Files cannot be edited in this state." - All written by Delta

Almost all official Dokis are avaliable for roleplay and OCs are fully allowed! You can play as many characters as you like as well. We need* Monika, MC and Sayori* right now especially.. Join now!~

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