Originating from the alleyways of Sicily, Italy...

The Galanti Crime Family has dominated the streets of Los Santos for nearly a decade. Since the passing of Vincenzo Galanti, the previous Don, a new leader had emerged. Her name is Valeria, Vincenzo’s daughter and only heir to the Galanti empire. She seeks to spread her family’s influence even further across the entire country, however, it’s going to take a lot more than her last name to achieve such a goal. An intricate web of lies, drama, and feuds is slowly becoming unraveled in the midst of an all out war between different forces working to take the crime syndicate down. Who will you stand by in the face of death? How long before it all falls apart, leaving no survivors?

Mature themes will be explored, viewers discretion is advised.

  • 16 + literate roleplay server
  • active staff team
  • welcoming community
  • easy going roleplay; it's just for fun!

This server was set up and made by a group of friends who want to open it for other people!

It’s bad and boujee, come check it out! ?

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