Departments: Civilian Operations, Los Santos Fire Department, San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Communications,

About us: San Andreas First Response is a FiveM Roleplay Community created back in December of 2018. We are a group that is always looking to bring people together for a great roleplay experience. Our community is a mature and safe space for all. Every member of SAFR is respected and looked after by the administration team and their peers. As well we take our roleplay very seriously and work hard to make sure it follows all community standards to give people the best roleplay.

Roleplay Experience: Your experience of roleplay in this community will be amazing. We have constant patrols bringing many members into the server. We have high-quality Roleplay. If on any occasion that something goes wrong or you are feeling mistreated, you can fill out a complaint form on that person or people. All Complaints within SAFR are looked into and taken very seriously to ensure member’s satisfaction.

Server Features: Friendly Members and Staff | Whitelisted Server | Server Side EUP / VMenu / Non-ELS / FivePD | Custom CAD/MDT | Custom Vehicles | Custom Scripts | In-Depth and professional LEO and Fire/EMS Training | And More

We can’t wait to see you!

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