Welcome to the FrivoHut!

We are a friendly Discord server always on the look out for new friends! Anyone is welcome to stay as long as you’re respectful and kind. Our main goal is to bring together more furries with the social app Discord! The app is free to make an account on and a wonderful way to make friends, game with others, voice and video call!

FrivoHut offers a range of activities and things to do, from gaming and music channels to selling and advertising artwork to lots of giveaways! We are always open to suggestions and adding new things as well. So what exactly can you expect to see...?

~~Giveaways and Contests

~~Organized Channels

~~Friendly and helpful staff

~~Game Nights

~~Commissions and Adopts

~~And more to come!

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over and join the fun, we’re excited to meet you! The link is just below. See ya soon o/

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