༄The spaceship does not
always go forward, it orbits around.༄

  To join the RFA or Mint Eye is your choice. Will you step into our magical world of stories and discover things you've never dreamed of?

Welcome to the Mystic☻Messenger discord server!

A server running since February 9th, 2020 with a bustling and welcoming community.

In this server, you can claim a VIP canon character, or roleplay as that character in a separate roleplay channel even if the role is taken! Although we do offer roleplays, that is not the main focus of this server, and there are many other things you can do.

You can book members of the RFA/ Mint Eye for a private chatroom between you and them, or with other characters too.

With an aesthetically pleasing interface, you can claim fun roles to define yourself from the rest of the members.

You can express and show your talents in the: art, cosplay, writing, gaming, edits, photography, zepeto, YTTD, and more channels.

We are currently looking for backup canon characters and partnerships, so check in with us if this seems like something you would like to do.

Other features include: -Level one server boost perks -Pluralkit/Tupperbox -Events -Active and supportive community -OOC chats -Server navigation&help channel -Headcanon, self-promo, memes, pets, music, writing, cosplay, and selfie channels -Character auditions -Character-auditions-not-required roleplay chats -Spam-specific channel

     ✰ Please consider stepping in for a cup of tea, and maybe stay a while! for now, farewell. ✰

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