Welcome to Earth Sade

In the year 1982 there was a miracle, the world ceased to function for a day and suddenly it changed so much we could never go back. The first Parahuman, hovering high over the North Pole and making the planet glow like a beacon across space. It was as if a shade was now lifted, we saw in a brand new light. A chain reaction went off across the world, it started with one star and suddenly there were hundreds more; they did not glow like the first, but they were strong and the resulting chaos threw the world into a tailspin. Now we’re in twilight and the weight of our destiny rests on those we could never hope to stand against.

How can we trust those who cannot trust each other?

This is a Parahumans focused RolePlay server, based on the stories by Wildbow. We have a particular focus on creating our own unique story, focused most around the idea of creating our own lore in a familiar setting without so much of the same lore and baggage. There’s tons of room for original content and unique and interesting powers to explore.

We have plenty of structure in place to help players make characters and generate their own unique content for the server. We prioritize your own self-expression and creativity beyond anything else, meaning we’re open to fill in and build as we go.

What we offer:

An open and friendly RP environment with flexible and easy to understand rules. A canvas for you to express your own ideas, with room for growth and expansion.

What we look for:

Literate (can be flexible), playing in third person and at least age 15+.

Its only a few simple things we look for and we hope to provide as much bang for your buck as possible. We only want your story with us to be a good one.

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