Melted Claw Cafe, a safe and friendly environment! We welcome all new people and want to make new friends! We have rules of course.

  1. Melted Claw Cafe is a safe environment for everyone, that means we welcome everyone and there is to be no hate or drama.
  2. Admins are to be respected as they will respect and listen to you.
  3. Keep conversations in appropriate chats.

What does our server have that is interesting?

~a bunch of friendly people! ~react roles and colours! ~bots to play games! ~active VC! ~introductions! ~music! ~gamers! ~bi-monthly art challenges! ~an anime club! (like a book club)

What’s soon to come? ~game times! ~more bots! ~possibly movie nights

I sure hope you join! I can’t wait to have you in Melted Claw Cafe!!

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