Divinus, a place where those who feel divided from the world are brought together.

We are a community server for those who wish to grow close with fellow gamers, manga readers, anime watchers, and those who enjoy role-play! We try our best to make our new members feel welcomed and at home. We have a recently active chat, the staff is very friendly, helpful and encouraging, and the members get along easily! We are also supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and welcome anyone who just wants to be themselves.

Sponsorships: We accept sponsorships! For details, you will need to discuss with the owner: Hayylie#9164 and be within our server. Current Sponsors: Wyvern (Use referral link: https://billing.wyvern.host/aff.php?aff=42) Join server for more info.

Partnerships: If you are interested in partnering with our server, you will have to meet these requirements:

  • 300+ members
  • SFW friendly (unless you have a specific channel for NSFW)
  • Do not contain irl (in real life) trading To learn more, contact our partner managers. (As of right now, we do not have any partnership managers. Therefore, contact the owner, Hayylie#9164, about partnerships.)

Self promotion: You are allowed to promote your discord server as well as social media if you reach level 10 and stay active. If you do not stay active, your promotion will be taken down. You are allowed to post every 3 hours for now, but this will change in the meantime.

Our server subjects all games you may play, (Mostly Minecraft). We host movie night events everyday Friday at 10:30 CST, and sometimes game evetnts! When you first join our server, you are able to chose your own roles, make new friends, laugh in voice chats, and play with a few bots after you verify your account in our server. We also have select channels for specific things like information about our server, a school help category for those who are struggling with school, entertainment categories, role-play, self promotion and more!

Interested in helping our community?

We are always looking for a good staff team. If you feel you are best fit, you may apply in the applications channel! You need to be a part of the server for at least 7 days in order to be accepted. As long as you meet the requirements, you are all good to apply! Hope to see everyone there! Please have a good and safe day <3

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