☀️╭━Welcome to Sunset Outpost ━╮☀️ We Strive for a Friendly and Active server To relax and make friends in for everyone

————(Our server includes)————

❀ -Friendly staff

❀ -Active members

❀ -Giveaways

❀ -Events

❀ -Custom bots

❀-LGBT, Weeb and Nerd friendly

❀-Content Creator Supportive

❀ -Self Roles

❀ - Level Roles

❀- Selfies, Art and Memes Chat

————(Server details)———— We are a very open and chill server And our rules are not strict and are Based off of common sense so no bullshit. We are a SFW server so no porn or nudity. We welcome anyone and everyone to join!

? ————(Join Today)————?

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