We are looking for people who are well versed in roleplay staffing!


༺◑━━━━༺?༻━━━━ ◐༻ Eons ago during the age of the Origin, during this time there was nothing then the origin gave birth to Stel’zana the goddess of nothingness and Zedakris the god of creation, the two had lasting peace until Stel’zana’s jealousy caused a war between the two...

At the last act of he war the two were dying and Zedakris would sacrifice himself to defeat Stel’zana, before Zedakris’s completely died he would give form to the gods who would take care of the world we are on... Niarith.

༺◑━━━━༺?༻━━━━ ◐༻ The world we are on now has 6 kingdoms that live together in Harmony.. or Discord

The Kingdom of Balance Altoria The Kingdom of Arms Adenphia The Kingdom of Magic Magien The Kingdom of Beasts and Beaskins Olstaris The Kingdom Under the Mountain Damestrus The Kingdom Within Oceanus Kyan’ryth

each of these kingdoms has their own lore, stories and specialties will you rule, them serve them, or.. destroy them? ༺◑━━━━༺?༻━━━━ ◐༻ What we offer

  • A safe community you can vibe with and roleplay with

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

  • Flexible character creation

  • A server that has alot of planned out events by the owner and other ideas - along with that ideas for events are open

  • A nice and clean server to look at.. well depends on how you see it

  • A lore rich server and a semi lore driven server

  • An owner whos willing to listen and reason with its members

༺◑━━━━༺?༻━━━━ ◐༻

Well what are you waiting for? common join us you wont regret it, your adventure in Niarith will begin, and you will be writing its present story.

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