Draynor Manor is a small casual gaming server looking for new active members to join us. We play just about any games on all platforms but games we focus on the most include; Animal Crossing, Among Us, Smash Bros, Call of Duty, Rainbow Siege, Overwatch, Phasmophobia, ShellShock, Gang Beasts, Minecraft, etc.

We plan weekly sessions that you are more than welcome to join but you are also welcome to initiate a session at any time by messaging the server.

We are looking to start hosting some tournaments in the near future. Our first one will be held later this month. It will be a small Smash Bros Ultimate tournament with a small prize, but we're hoping to do much more in the future.

We use a level based system that is fairly easy to gain exp by interacting with the server. Gaining levels and exp will give you more permissions in the server, different colors, and bigger prizes from tournaments!

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