We have games being played, mainly chess but looking for more players and other games. We have weekly events like movie nights, game nights and are planning some giveaways. Being a small community that is still growing we are looking for ideas for events and what people like to do. There are a few roles of your chooosing that you can take. Nerd which allows for diy recipes and bushcraft, anime and books and creepyastas will be posted here. Next we have the role player role that allows you to be a character of your own creation to roleplay with. We even have a game room. For this server in particular its about the games and streams which e play games and can chat. We would love to hear your input to make this small community bigger and more well known.

We are wanting to do giveaways soon and theres a lot of other things in the works for this server. Our chess section for favorite games is slowly growing. Once we get 20 members for chess we will have our first tournement. Lots of chill people here that love to talk about ideas and we even have an arts and crafts section. I'm thinking about an art event. Lots of planning still but thats why we need members. We can bounce ideas off of each other and create a big community that has a lot of fun.

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