For fans of dark fantasy, "Ghost of Tsushima", "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" and Netflix's "Kingdom!"

The island Empire of Tianyu is a hell on earth.

An otherworldly plague ravages the land, corroding the body like rust on metal. The government has been powerless to stop it. Already it has culled a quarter of the population; men and women in every corner of the land begin to have thoughts of rebellion. And far to the north, demons are sighted in the Hinterlands.

In the distant west, the Empire of Huaxia recoils against massive peasant rebellions. In the distant east, the Empire of Oyashima is a fragmented mess of countless squabbling warlords.

Perhaps the world really is ending.

Take control of a person in Tianyu hurled into these dark days. Seek the Plague's origin and the horrific truth at its core. Combat demons with magical charms and humans with wit and steel. Drive back the end of days and find light in the darkness in one of Discord's most original roleplay servers!


-Semi-Lit and Literate roleplay

-A wholly unique dark fantasy setting drawing from Chinese and Japanese history and myth

-A plot epic in scale yet intimate in scope

-Welcoming and chill moderators

-An RP experience unlike any other

-Ultra-immersive roleplay with the Tupperbox bot

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