Hello Traveler, Syndicate Gaming is a swiftly growing community of Roblox PF Players AS WELL as Minecraft Players. We range from low ranks to high ranks like 160. If you too play Phantom Forces, or Minecraft and are searching for a Community to fit in, I request that you join our server! [We provide] ? A off/on-topic chat ? level roles ? Friendly Staff. ? Friendly Members. ? A help desk. ? A report system for any rule breakers. ? A channel where you can browse suggested PF/MC Streamers to watch while they are live. ? Pre-Scheduled PF Tournaments for people who would like to attend them. ❔ A channel where you can answer PF/MC/Server questions asked by the Moderators! ✉️ A channel where you can request your favorite games to become it's own Sub-Community [Starting Oct. 1] [What we require] ‼️ Veify yourself in #verification to get Syndicate Member. ! Join either the MC or PF Sub-Community! ❗ Kind and active members ❗ Request your PF rank IF you joined the PF Sub-Community.

From the Staff Team here at Syndicate Gaming.

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