Hello. I’m Adym Bilyeau. I want to make ultra low budget live action / animated films. Personally, I do not want to be in the spotlight; I’d rather stay behind the scenes, develop the film, and keep people posted that are interested in it. Anyway, my maximum budget is around $200-7000, which is money I raise on Kickstarter before I hire talent. To know I can pay who I need to pay in order to get something going.

What I’m saying is that we (the members of the server) all volunteer to create a project, you know all the assets, develop it all together, there is really no set path in place, because I want it to be flexible / people to voice things. Then the Kick will be made to help fund whatever the team made, with an ultra low goal. I do not want to profit from these films. It is going to be free to watch on Youtune with zero ads.

My spelling is bad, but what I mean is that these films are all unpaid passion projects. I do not have the funds to pay people so I am going ultra low budget / volunteer based (everyone knows this going in, if it displeases them, they can leave as they want). I want to build what I can, on my own, to make a presentation and show what could be if I had the money to continue.

This is a server to interact with those who might be interested in contributing to the film(s) I’m working on. My work is a tribute to my friends and I want to give others that want to tell a good story a chance to add their own ideas to it. Also, if you’re looking for an excuse to have something for your resume, that’s cool, too. I don’t need portfolios; it’s not a real job, it’s something people do for experience.

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