Welcome to Moonlight Empire! we are a warm, wholesome and welcoming community, with a nice, fair and caring staff team hoping to grow and have fun things planned in the future such as: giveaways, events, etc. in the server we discuss gaming, anime, and much more! we are also LGBTQ+ supportive!<3 everyone is welcome to join this server, you're all loved. if you're looking for a new community of awesome people, and meeting supportive friends, you've found the right place:) what we offer:

  • Self Roles And Colors!!
  • General Text Chats!
  • Venting Channel!
  • Fun Bots and Bot Channels!
  • A Selfies Channel!
  • Spam Channels!
  • Movie Nights!
  • A Server Suggestion Channel!!

I hope you enjoy the server!!

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