Animated emojis for everyone, add custom emojis or even full emoji packs.

Advanced levelling system, get rewarded for staying active in the server. Become number 1 on the leaderboard to get the medal of honour.

Giveaways!- Participate in giveaways to get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Active feeds- Never miss an upload from your favourite YouTubers and redditors. (these also include memes, music, gameplays and much more!)

Share your creations that include youtube videos, clips, streams, arts, etc And also your pet pictures! because who doesn't like animals!?

Soundboard- Express your emotions by playing some perfect sound effects like "bruh" "wtf" "wow" etc.

30+ text channels, 10+ voice channels.

Our server has these bots (might change in the future) - Dyno, MEE6, YAGPDB, Rhythm, Arcane, FactBot, NQN and giveaway bot.

Suggestions- Give us your valuable suggestions that'll help us make this server better.

we love games.

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