cross-playing server for all phones, pc, switch, Xbox, PlayStation ... we offer many topics, including help .. we have many categories and channels, be yourself and make own content in members section or write add links or mems in channels...

we have lots of games to choose from cod, borderlands, fable, finalfantasy, darksouls, dragonstogmia ,elder scrolls online, doom Minecraft, ark, gta, and lots more games.. other sections...imvu, avakin ROBLOX, Pokémon, phone games, VR games, if like any other section to be added please go to feedback and add your suggestions,..

we have help section for all types help.. members section to make own channels... and groups... as long as you obey rules lol

we try to make the server universal and open to many types of things and hobbies.. topics, help,admin .helpers.. game info.news events and more.. we help others best we can sharing is caring lol...

... please remember to read rules ... be apart of something in the channel or many things if you like.. be on at least once week or once month.. any longer than that then you might be kicked...

its all about the team and the community aye lol have a nice week and please check us out .. we like new faces...also thanks for joining ?

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