The Island

The Island is a canine-based roleplaying server centered around original lore and a community generated pack system! The lore is science-fiction based and easy to understand and follow. High ranks are ALWAYS open and are NEVER filled! We are a literate and above roleplaying community with friendly members and fast staff response times.

THE LORE || Humans have started to realize that canines are more capable or complex thoughts and interactions. As the human race advanced in both technology and state of mind, "Man's Best Friend" has been pushed aside to make way for The Island: A high-tech and modern experiment where a group of dogs are selected and put onto an abandoned island to fight to the death, form packs, claim territories, and survive. It is either life or death: what will you do to climb the ranks and keep yourself breathing?

  • LGBTQ+ Friendly; we are kind to ALL
  • Well-organized server with ample roleplaying channels
  • Unique plot with room for events and server-wide roleplaying
  • Friendly staff with quick response times!
  • Lots of useful and optional bots for roleplaying and passing the time!
  • Roles are inclusive and helpful to becoming a tight-knit community!
  • Make your OWN pack! Major roles are created by the community during the roleplay!
  • Brand new - get a fresh start!
  • Open to suggestions and changes to make the server better and more accessible!

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