—————————— Whitelist Application ——————————

You may apply for the whitelist by using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/FD4ZPnFWydQREgbp7

You will be notified via email and Discord whether you have been accepted or denied.

—————————— IP ——————————

The Minecraft server IP address is Please note you can only join if you have been accepted for the whitelist.

NOTE: if I am online you may contact me regarding the status of your application or when you submit.


Q. Can I become admin? A. Yes! We have had normal members become administrators on both the SMP and Discord. Just be active and chances are we will give you the roles!

Q. Is there NSFW? A. Yes, but you'll have to ask an admin and be active on the server for at least a day. If we know/suspect you are under 18 we legally cannot allow you to view the content.

Q. How old should I be? A. 13+ ( because discord ) but you should understand that we don't harshly moderate chat. Profanity isn't regulated and topics of conversation usually aren't either.

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